Stirmatic srl was established in Bologna in 1974 by some technicians operating in the field of laundry equipment. Thanks to their experience and expertise the production of vacuum and vacuum/up-steaming ironing tables, as well as of small steam generators was started up within a couple of years. The production range was subsequently enhanced by form-finishers and presses, thus making it possible for Stirmatic to gain a good market share in the USA.
By the end of the seventies, the first combined machine called “TVM” was launched: an ironing table with spotting device, a form finisher and a topper for trousers incorporated in a single framework.
A decade later, the first ecological spotting cabin “ECOSMAC” was produced, making the spotting operations by means of the relevant solvents safer for both operator and environment.
The importance of this innovation and its consequent success supported further business projects, as for example the conception of an entire machine range for the treatment of normal and nappa leather, including a special press with Teflon coated board, a special brushing table, and an height-adjustable form-finisher for the leather painting.
The pioneering spirit and the courage to choose the way of innovation brought Stirmatic to hold an important position in every field of the reference market: from dry-cleaning and laundry to the hotel industry, from hospitals to the textile and clothing industry.
The widespread presence on the local and international market is based on a solid network of distributors, assisting the customers in the after-sales-service, along with a production in full compliance with the European regulations.
Since 2003 the operating offices of Stirmatic have been moved to Milan, where the whole range, still featuring only thoroughly tested components of Italian origin, is manufactured. These are both included in the catalogue and can be downloaded from the section “Products”.